Smart IoT Solutions for Hospitality Industry

We enable remote monitoring and remote management of rooms, hotels, hostels and guesthouses
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Room Occupancy Detection for Hotels

Our solution detects whether a room is occupied or unoccupied at 99% accuracy and arrests revenue leakage and property misuse

Remote Check-in by Connected Smart Lock

AblePlus smart access control solution fits on to any door and requires minimal structural changes. It is connected to Internet via WiFi or GSM/GPRS to provide complete control & tracking of door

Remote Monitoring and Control of Electricity

AblePlus enables remote monitoring of energy consumption which can reduce energy wastage or enable charging guests based on their utility consumption; Owners can also remotely switch-on/off electricity

Asset Fencing to Detect Theft from Property

Ableplus tags valuable asset inside a property, whether it is expensive linen or TV. Our intelligent IoT hub monitors the proximity of these assets and triggers an alarm when the asset is taken away from property

Technology to make a fully AI-managed Hotel

With the aim to create a fully AI-managed hotel, we are deploying base technologies to collect essential data and to prepare ground level IoT infrastructure on which the AI would run

Three Major Components of a Smart Hotel

Leverage our comprehensive platform to deploy various solutions while focussing on your core strengths

Access Control

Smart access control can distinguish between authorised and unauthorised customers; It can arrest any mis-use of property (offline sales, over stay, etc.) and thus ensure 100% revenue realisation; Agent sitting in HQ can control 1000s of rooms without being physically present at the reception

Electricity & Electronics

IoT gives ability to control various appliances via suitable user interface; For loyal customers, AI already knows the preferred temperature, lighting conditions, etc. and automatically sets the room accordingly; With AI controlled utilities, any waste in electricity or water is arrested immediately

User Interface

Voice user interface (VUI) can effectively becoming the main point of contact throughout the hotel stay- it can automate various services and processes ranging from accepting food order to taking a request for room service; Any question which he/she can’t answer can immediately be redirected to a remote agent.

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We have ready-to-deploy solutions for multiple Industries

Remote Monitoring for Hotel, Food and e-Pharmacies

By virtue of its nature, Hotel, Food chains and e-pharmacies have to manage assets/facilities located at 100s of varied locations. Keeping a close watch on these is a challenging job. We deploy sensors or extract data from equipment and take the data to the cloud via the internet - this enables headquarters to keep a very close watch on critical parameters and also on policy adherence of the operations team.

Extrusion Machinery Made Smart

Many parameters need to be under control for desired product quality and finish. Smart machinery can monitor function of critical parts such as the numerous heaters, pressure across the cartridge filter, etc. real time. Our smart application alerts machine operators and plant managers on matters which need immediate intervention to avoid any compromise on quality.

Know When Coaches Need Repair

Multiple solutions developed in coordination with railways help officials examine running trains for any broken or missing parts in the under-gear, detect brake binding cases, enable error-free and wireless brake system testing at coaching depot, remotely monitoring over-head water tank levels, etc.

Track Location & Malfunction of Equipment

Remotely monitoring construction equipment enables owners to track engine hours and asset utilisation, monitor fuel consumption, prevent unauthorised use & fuel theft, receive sensor alerts and fault codes, track heavy equipment with real-time position location reports, use geofences, etc. Also install smart sensors to detect faulty engine in case of transit mixers to deliver higher quality of concrete to client.

One Stop Solution To Make Your Property Smart

We have all the necessary expertise on multiple fronts

Sensors & Gateway

We have partnered with top sensor and wireless gateway distributors to get the perfect hardware for your application

Edge/Cloud Computing

Our platform has proved its efficacy in varied situations demanding cloud computing or edge computing or both


We deploy advanced analytics to get desired insights; We can integrate with 3rd party analytics software for advanced analytics

Interfacing Dashboard

Gives access to insights, alerts and asset status monitoring to client on a easy-to-understand mobile and/or web interface along with smart alert features